Dear business partners.

The summer is slowly coming to an end, in the higher altitudes the temperatures are already dropping again
into the single digits and also the trees slowly start to change their colors.
We are curious when the white gold will fall from the sky.



Microsoft updates the systems regularly and are sometimes very time-consuming.
If your devices have not been used for several months, several updates will be loaded. Among other things, this can take several hours! In order not to be blocked, prevent this:
Turn on your devices in time!


Winter is just around the corner, the season begins and with it the need for consumables increases. In your SR-CHTaskbar you are with one click on our E-Shop


After the season is also before the season. For this reason we suggest you to take care of your database in the still somewhat quieter time.

– Hide customers who have not had any movements for several years
– Move obsolete articles in the master data -> to its archive and hide it
– Close open deliveries
– Control of all open amounts
– Check prices for the upcoming season

Information on this can be found in the training material – Expert. You can also contact us with a support request via SR-CH-Taskbar or under the following link: Support request

If you have any questions about our topics, please do not hesitate to contact us.
We are at your disposal and wish you further successful business!

Your sr team.

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