SR Rental

SR Rental is used at thousands of workstations worldwide. The satisfaction of our customers speaks for itself. SR Rental is the specialized complete solution for rental. The basic software includes everything that is required in a rental, from item and customer management, the reservation, rental and sales process and cashing to detailed statistics and evaluation. Optional modules and interfaces to other products complement the cable scope for extended requirements.

Particularly easy handling

High flexibility to adapt to the circumstances of the business.

Many well thought-out solutions

Functions and options are switched on or off in such a way that they offer the solution for your own requirements. For a simple and effective work process, with a customer flow optimized for the business.

High flexibility

A particular strength of SR Rental is its high variability. Whether in rental with only one workstation or a three-seat system with two dispensing stations and a cash register, in large rentals with high customer volumes or in a business network with several branches.