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Video tutorial for users

Rebook receipt N° 34

This allows you to transfer a receipt from a daily customer to a main customer.

S| R Process N° 31

We will show you the most important functions of the tool S| R Process.

Create article set N° 28

Learn how to work in the S| R RENTAL / in S| R RETAIL to create an article set and thus save time.

Customer Portal N° 25

Here’s the quickest way to place an order & where to find guidance on how to train your employees.

Adjust rental period N°22

So you can change the rental period without further ado. You can also learn how to use barcodes as shortcuts for the S| R software.

Employee rights N°19

You use this function to indicate to the system what your employees in the S| R RENTAL & in the S| R RETAIL software.

SrTrial N°16

Your practice mode in the S| R RENTAL and in the S| R RETAIL allows users to test everything without changing the database.

SrTablet N°13

Enter in the S| R Software speed dial buttons for the commands you need most.

Collect N°9

Watch this video to learn how to collect an item. The S| R Software also supports you if the customer pays part of the amount e.B cash / by credit card or similar.

List: Stock value manufacturer N°6

The ideal basis for the purchase of goods and for inventory. You will also learn how to set a filter in Excel.

Software innovation N°3

Where can you find which software innovations SPORTS RENTAL Germany has released? What do these versions include? This video explains exactly that.

Purchase on invoice N°33

In this way, you can set which customers are allowed to purchase goods from you on account.

Inventory S| R RENTAL N°30

Here you will learn the procedure of an inventory in the S| R RENTAL.

Support & Feature Request N°27

Submit your support request online and let us know your wishes regarding the software.

Create & print daily closing N°24

Here you can find out how to read the S| R RENTAL / in S| R RETAIL create and print a daily closing.

Rent items N°21

Here you can find out how to read the S| R RENTAL rent an item.

Sub-customers create N°18

Customers pay together, e.B. a family. In this case, you can create the children as sub-customers to work with a clean database.

Statistics Vouchers N°15

With this list you can see how many vouchers you have sold. You will also find out how many vouchers have been redeemed via the same evaluation.

Users switch N°11

Switch users without the S| R RENTAL / S| R RETAIL.

Fleximport Intersport-Special N°8b

This is how flex import works. For all Intersport partners: Install the tool in advance, from the following link.

Support Request N°5

Something about an S| R Software is unclear? Follow the instructions below and give us a call: Tel. +41 (0)33 748 83 13

Overdrafts N°2

How to export customer data of overdrafts of seasonal rents and / or other rents from the S| R RENTAL. We will also show you how to create form letters.

Inventory S| R RETAIL N°32

Learn the inventory process in S| R RETAIL.

Adjust exchange rates N°29

In this video we will show you how to adjust the foreign currency rates.

Bonus system N°26

This gives you an overview of the bonus-relevant bookings.

Create employees N°23

Here you can find out how to read the S| R RENTAL / in S| R RETAIL create an account for a new employee.

Adjust VAT number N°20

As of 1 January 2014, there will be a new VAT number. Here you can find out where to use this number in the S| R RENTAL / S| R RETAIL.

Create customer N°17

Customers want individual advice. Thus, you can use his chronicle for a targeted sales conversation.

Vouchers book N°14

How to post in the S| R RENTAL & S| R RETAIL vouchers. This handling allows a clean process.

Cancel & Withdraw N°10

You can cancel the last document in each case. How this works cleanly and how to take back goods, you will learn in this issue.

Flex import N°8a

Import newly purchased sales products in your S| R RETAIL, instead of manually entering them with their designation, EAN code, color, size, VP, EP. Have fun saving time.

Document Transfer N°4

To move a booking from the day customer to a created customer.

Internet connection N°1

In this revised tutorial, you will learn how to use the S| R Rental (rental software) & the S| R Retail (merchandise management with POS system) can test your Internet connection.

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