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Video instructions for users

Rebook receipt N° 34

This allows you to transfer a receipt from a daily customer to a main customer.

S| R Process N° 31

We will show you the most important functions of the tool S| R Process.

Create article set N° 28

Learn how to work in the S| R RENTAL / in S| R RETAIL to create an article set and thus save time.

Customer Portal N° 25

Here’s the quickest way to place an order & where to find guidance on how to train your employees.

Adjust rental period N°22

So you can change the rental period without further ado. You can also learn how to use barcodes as shortcuts for the S| R software.

Employee rights N°19

Use this function to tell the system what your employees can view in the S|R RENTAL & S|R RETAIL software.

SrTrial N°16

Its practice mode in S|R RENTAL and S|R RETAIL allows users to test everything without changing the database.

SrTablet N°13

Enter in the S| R Software speed dial buttons for the commands you need most.

Collect N°9

In this video you will learn how to collect an item. The S|R software also supports you if the customer pays part of the amount e.g. in cash / by credit card or similar.

List: Stock value manufacturer N°6

The ideal basis for the purchase of goods and for inventory. You will also learn how to set a filter in Excel.

Software innovation N°3

Where can you find which software innovations SPORTS RENTAL Germany has released? What do these versions include? This video explains exactly that.

Purchase on invoice N°33

In this way, you can set which customers are allowed to purchase goods from you on account.

Inventory S| R RENTAL N°30

Here you will learn the procedure of an inventory in the S| R RENTAL.

Support & Feature Request N°27

Submit your support request online and let us know your wishes regarding the software.

Create & print daily closing N°24

Here you can find out how to read the S| R RENTAL / in S| R RETAIL create and print a daily closing.

Rent items N°21

Here you can find out how to read the S| R RENTAL rent an item.

Sub-customers create N°18

Customers pay together, e.B. a family. In this case, you can create the children as sub-customers to work with a clean database.

Statistics Vouchers N°15

With this list you can see how many vouchers you have sold. You will also find out how many vouchers have been redeemed via the same evaluation.

Users switch N°11

Switch users without the S| R RENTAL / S| R RETAIL.

Fleximport Intersport-Special N°8b

This is how flex import works. For all Intersport partners: Install the tool in advance, from the following link.

Support Request N°5

Something about an S| R Software is unclear? Follow the instructions below and give us a call: Tel. +41 (0)33 748 83 13

Overdrafts N°2

How to export customer data of overdrafts of seasonal rents and / or other rents from the S| R RENTAL. We will also show you how to create form letters.

Inventory S| R RETAIL N°32

Learn the inventory process in S| R RETAIL.

Adjust exchange rates N°29

In this video we will show you how to adjust the foreign currency rates.

Bonus system N°26

This gives you an overview of the bookings relevant to the bonus.

Create employees N°23

Here you can find out how to create an account for a new employee in S|R RENTAL / S|R RETAIL.

Adjust VAT number N°20

As of 1 January 2014, there will be a new VAT number. Here you can find out where you can change this number in S|R RENTAL / S|R RETAIL.

Create customer N°17

Customers want individual advice. You can therefore use his chronicle for a targeted sales pitch.

Vouchers book N°14

How to post in the S| R RENTAL & S| R RETAIL vouchers. This handling allows a clean process.

Cancel & Withdraw N°10

You can cancel the last document in each case. In this issue, you will learn how this works and how to take back goods.

Flex import N°8a

Import newly purchased sales products in your S| R RETAIL, instead of manually entering them with their designation, EAN code, color, size, VP, EP. Have fun saving time.

Document Transfer N°4

To move a booking from a day customer to a created customer.

Internet connection N°1

In this revised tutorial, you will learn how to use the S| R Rental (rental software) & the S| R Retail (merchandise management with POS system) can test your Internet connection.


Archive – Written instructions for users

Devaluation calculation using goods receipt report
Sell rental items
Item Master Data Settings
Add advertising text to the receipt
Convert sales to rental items
Tableaus instead of labels
SR Customize
Merge customer data
SR Fleximport Retail
Description of employee rights
Article master data (SR Tree).pdf
Pair CINO Fuzzy Scanner
Manual Windows Updates
Recommendation for equipment storage
Control Configuration
Item Master Data Search
Concatenating rental items
Partial payments at different times
Enter service items
Edit Product Properties
Internet reservation Web2
Fleximport Rental
Document Change customer
Edit items in the order and delivery mask
Internal barcodes
Overdraft Lists & Mail Merge Creation
Prevention of hack attacks
Download the Taskbar
SR Article Master Data Documentation
Self-control of the backup
Change sales prices
SR Process Documentation
Creating Customer Properties
Change manufacturer name
Payment with third-party currency
Withdraw item
Promotional Discount
Recommendations for the procedure for inventory
Instructions and checklist for inventory
Adjust VAT